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With colour, gold and magnificent textures, Andrea creates mixed media & oilpaintings for the distinctive collector.

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Embrace your dreams

as the guiding stars of your journey,

illuminating the path to a life rich in fulfillment and purpose. Let each choice be a brushstroke on the canvas of your existence, painting a masterpiece of joy, abundance, and authenticity. With courage as your compass and perseverance as your ally, venture forth into the boundless realm of possibility, knowing that within you lies the power to shape your destiny and create the life you've always imagined.
Andrea Ramsel, Fine Artist
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    Andrea Ramsel

    is an abstract realism artist

    based in Germany creating original paintings for distinctive collectors . She is drawn to the ease of abstract realism art and enjoys the combination of the effortless experience of abstract art and the precision of realistic art. Her work has been featured on local TV and Newspaper.
      This is what people say about my art

      "The magic of the moment in the mirror of eternity. Colorful splendor. Attention to detail. Sustainability. Protection and touch. These are the first terms that come to mind when I want to describe Andrea Ramsel's works. The first three terms are easily understandable, especially if one has had the opportunity to experience the diversity of Andrea's creations. But why sustainable? Because they are crafted with the finest brilliance of oil painting, ensuring they remain alive for centuries. Why protection? Because many of Andrea's works immortalize endangered species, and her commitment serves conservation efforts. Why touch? Because the artist's images touch the soul, and their lifelike representation repeatedly tempts me to reach into the depths of her paintings. The encounter with Andrea Ramsel's works is thus a purely aesthetic experience."

      Jane Atem, Artist, dancer, and designer

      "Passion – Skill – Dedication For me, these are the main ingredients of Andrea Ramsel's paintings. Old techniques brought to life and conveyed so vividly and vital. With true mastery. The love for art palpable in every brushstroke. High-quality materials and the artist fully engaged in every cell during the painting process. The radiance of these high-quality images speaks for itself."

      Sibylle Kraus, Psychologist and Artist

      "The love for detail. The precision and artistry in handling colors characterize the work of Andrea Ramsel, as well as a uniquely individual interpretation of chosen motifs, such as birds, butterflies, or monkeys. Her delicate soul and keen gaze reveal an extraordinary sense of aesthetics."

      Teresa Cánovas, Artist and Art Educator
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      Discover the magic in every stroke!"

      "Engage your senses and gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry behind each brushstroke in this inspiring painting demonstration."

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