Drawing from childhood memories, the wonders of nature, and the adventures of travel,

I find inspiration that breathes life into my art. My aim is to rekindle the connection between individuals and their dreams by creating a truly enchanting experience through my artwork. Step into the layers of my paintings, where hidden gems of childhood await discovery, inviting you to embark on a magical journey of self-discovery and imagination.
    Andrea is painting with an oilpainting with 2 figures: 1 clown and 1 ballerina

    My love for painting

    As a passionate painter, I find endless joy in the vibrant world of color.
    I've always been captivated by the transformative power of art, how a single colorful piece can breathe life into any space, turning it from ordinary to extraordinary.

    When I paint, I'm immersed in a symphony of sounds—the sweet melody of birdsongs outside my window, the cheerful laughter of children playing, the rhythmic hum of life in my neighborhood. These everyday sounds become the soundtrack to my creative process, inspiring me with their energy and vitality.

    I draw inspiration from the world around me, whether it's strolling through the familiar streets of my hometown, exploring art and designblogs for fresh perspectives, or stumbling upon a beautifully gilded object that sparks my imagination. Each moment, each encounter, fuels my passion for painting and infuses my work with a sense of wonder and discovery. 

      How I got started

      Andrea Ramsel is an abstract realist artist based in Germany, dedicated to crafting original
      paintings for discerning collectors. Her professional artistic journey began in
      2016 with her debut exhibition, followed by the launch of her inaugural
      co-creation project with her husband in 2017, aimed at supporting wildlife
      conservation efforts. Andrea's work has garnered attention through features on
      local TV networks and in regional newspapers.

      Specializing in oils, Andrea incorporates mixed media techniques in her underdrawings to achieve captivating effects. She is particularly drawn to the seamless blend of abstract and realistic elements, relishing the harmonious fusion of abstract spontaneity and the precision of realism. At first glance, Andrea's paintings reveal clear subjects, but upon closer inspection, viewers are greeted with delicate strokes and subtle shadows, unveiling a realm of enchantment.

      Her artistic style is diverse, with some pieces bursting with vibrant color explosions, while others exude tranquility through neutral tones, offering a serene aesthetic. Andrea Ramsel explores various methods to bring her artwork to life, starting with the use of premium materials such as high-quality linen canvases, sturdy wooden boards, and heavy watercolor bases. Utilizing a diverse array of premium mediums such as collage, inks, pastels, charcoal, and acrylic and oil pens, as well as oil pastels, Andrea skillfully adds depth and texture to her creations.

      She meticulously employs top-quality acrylics and highly pigmented oil colors to achieve vibrant hues and rich tones in her paintings. Seamlessly incorporating stencils for both striking 3D effects and precise flat patterns, Andrea intuitively selects the perfect blend of mediums to bring her artistic vision to life. Additionally, she elevates her artwork with luxurious embellishments, including imitation gold leaf meticulously crafted from the finest gold alloys and 24 karat leaf gold.

      She finds joy in the process of blending these materials together, culminating in sophisticated and complete artworks.  Andrea's surroundings in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, a picturesque wine-growing village where she runs a family winery with her husband and two young adult sons, serve as a constant source of inspiration for her creative endeavors.   


      Indroducing Andrea Ramsel

      Abstract realism artist creating original paintings for the distinctive collector

      Andrea speak in front of an audience. A camera ist recording. Oilpainting with male deer and 2 bambies and  a cake in the background